Luminance and Light Flux Probe Heads

Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Luminance Probe Head
Luminance measuring head, equipped with achromatically corrected, low stray light optics and high quality V(l) detector according to DIN class B.
The external sighting device allows, at a working distance of 1m, to exactly locate the measuring point, therefore, it is particularly suitable for evaluating the luminance for service and constancy tests.
Three measuring channels with different sensitivity.
Typical applications: Luminescent surfaces such as colour monitors, alphanumerical displays, sign plates and light panels, and reflecting surfaces, such as walls and equipment at work places, projecting screens, traffic and sign plates, guided paths and roadway lines.

Light Flux Probe Head
High quality measuring head, DIN class B for light flux measurement with Ulbricht globe photometer.
Perfect coating of the globe with BaSO4 for diffuse reflectivity and spectrally neutral reflection quality.
Suitable for cold light sources, and lamps with high colour temperature and almost monochromatic radiation (as in LEDs).
Examples for applications: Endoscopes, fiber optic bunches, light emitting diodes.