Tensiometer for measurement of soil moisture
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Measurement of soil moisture through the identification of suction pressure. The suction pressure is the force with which water is being held in the soil or is available for absorption. This is the force that must be produced by the plant roots in order for water to be absorbed.
The porous, clay tip of the tensiometer transfers water from within to the drier outer surroundings by means of capillarity, thereby, creating a sub-pressure within the sealed tensiometer tube. This sub-pressure is a measure of the moisture level and can be determined as a value or used directly to activate an electrical switch. The customary unit of measurement is hPa.
However, a tensiometer also functions in dry air as long as evaporation can take place over the porous, clay chamber. Therefore, moisture levels can be measured even in coarse-grained or very loose substrate.
Suction pressure measurements are largely independent of the salt concentration of the substrate or soil.