Pressure Sensor FD 8214

Compact pressure sensors for liquid and gaseous substances
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Compact pressure sensors for liquid and gaseous substances.
Piezo-resistive measuring cell with temperature compensation.
Pressure membrane and enclosure made from special steel.
As the pressure is transmitted to the pressure membrane through a small hole in the thread part, the liquids should not be prone to crystallise and gases should not be heavily contaminated with dust. There are sensors with front-flush membranes for critical applications
Available with three calibrations. Relative pressure: Pressure related to the environmental pressure, Absolute pressure: Pressure related to vacuum (0bar). Overpressure: Pressure related to atm. pressure at manufacturing (approx. 1bar).
Measurement of pressure peaks and fast pressure changes or high resolution measurement with digital ALMEMO® D7 measuring plug.