Miniature multi-sensor module

for measuring temperature, humidity, and pressure
with integrated EEPROM
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Our new plug-in digital multi-sensor module – with its miniature design and extremely low energy consumption – combines the measurable variables – temperature, atmospheric humidity, and atmospheric pressure. It takes a complete reading of all these ambient parameters and can thus accurately determine all humidity-related and pressure-dependent variables, e.g. the frequently needed mixture ratio (r).
It communicates its findings via an I2C interface; the user can selectively access individual sensor variables and data saved to the integrated EEPROM.
Before leaving our factory the sensor module is adjusted and assigned an electronic identification code that can be read out on receipt of the appropriate command. The integrated EEPROM can be used to save the user‘s own adjustment data, fine tuning, or electronic ID data (ID number, comments text, etc.).
Since the saved parameters are retained in the EEPROM, a multi-sensor module can only be exchanged or replaced with modules that are identically calibrated and have all the same data.
The module is specially designed with very good thermal isolation to withstand temperature influence / thermal conduction and thus ensure that all variables are measured precisely.
This system – unlike analog measured value processing – virtually excludes the risk of varying line lengths or disturbance factors adversely affecting the accuracy of measured results.