Meteorological sensors all-weather housing

Digital sensor for
atmospheric humidity
atmospheric pressure
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

All relevant ambient parameters are measured with one sensor.
Suitable for mounting on a wall or a mast
Sensor cable up to 100 meters long, clamped in terminal box
All sensors in 1 multi-sensor module: capacitive digital sensor for humidity and temperature, digital atmospheric pressure sensor. Additional EEPROM data storage medium in the sensor module
The sensor module is thoroughly adjusted. All sensor characteristic and adjustment data are stored in the data storage medium of the sensor module itself. In the process of readjusting the individual sensors, the adjustment values are directly saved in the data storage medium of the sensor module.
Replacement sensor modules are inexpensive: The sensor module is pluggable and can be simply exchanged on-site. Full accuracy without any adjustment, especially with calibrated sensors. The ALMEMO® connecting cable and the ALMEMO® measuring instrument have no influence on the calibration.
The atmospheric pressure is measured directly at the measuring point in the sensor tip. Hence, the atmospheric pressure dependent humidity variables are automatically pressure compensated.
Humidity calculation on the basis of formulae as per Dr. Sonntag and the enhancement factor as per W. Bögel (correction factor fw(t,p) for real mixed gas systems). This substantially widens the measuring range and improves the accuracy of humidity variable calculations.
Humidity variables: Absolute humidity in g/m³.
The humidity variables are calculated from the three primary measuring channels (real measurable variables): temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.
Four measuring channels are rogrammed (ex factory): temperature (°C, T,t), relative humidity (%H, RH, Uw), dew point (°C, DT, td), atmospheric pressure (mbar, AP, p).
Alternatively further humidity variables are selectable. Mixture (g/kg, MH, r), absolute humidity (g/m³, AH, dv), vapor pressure (mbar, VP, e), enthalpy (kJ/kg, En, h). The configuration is performed on the ALMEMO® V7 measuring instrument or directly on the PC using the USB adapter cable ZA1919AKUV (Chapter “Network technology”).