Heat Flow Plates

Heat Flow Plates
Digital heat flow plate, with integrated temperature sensor for automatically correcting the heat flow plate’s temperature coefficient
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Heat Flow Plates
For determining the heat flow density up to max. 150°C.
Application-oriented designs, consisting of a meander of opposing thermocouples that are embedded in a substrate.
In case of thick substrates no lateral circulation of the heat flow because of sufficient meander shell zone.
Each heat flow plate has been assigned a calibration value, which corresponds to the heat flow density in W/m2 when the plate provides an output of 1mV. The calibration value will be stored as factory-setting in the ALMEMO® connector so that ALMEMO® devices will immediately indicate the current heat flow density in W/m2.

Digital heat flow plate
This automatically corrects the heat flow plate’s temperature coefficient using a miniature NTC sensor integrated in the heat flow plate for the purpose of measuring the plate’s mean temperature.
It measures heat flows and temperatures using a A/D converter incorporated in the ALMEMO® D6 plug.
Two measuring channels are programmed (at our factory).
Plate’s mean temperature (°C, t) Heat flow, temperature-compensated (W/m², fq)