Digital vane anemometer

Measuring range up 0.3 to 40 m/s
Versions for ambient temperatures from -20 to +125 °C or -40 to +260 °C
Maximum resolution 0.01m/s
With permanently connected cable and ALMEMO® D6 connector
Optional extensions
Additional version with direction recognition

Technical data and functions

The precision measuring heads and the sensor shaft are made of aluminum or stainless steel.
The flow velocity is measured with high accuracy.
Each anemometer is individually adjusted. The Multi-point adjustment is stored in the ALMEMO® D6 connector.
In practice, measurements in air and gases are unaffected by environmental variables such as pressure, temperature, or humidity. The low dependence of the measured value on density of the gas can be compensated for. The density can be programmed in the ALMEMO® D6 sensor menu in the ALMEMO® V7 device.
Several measuring heads can be used for measurements in air and gases as well as in liquids.
Some variants detect the direction of flows and display the measured value with an algebraic sign.
The robust type of construction is suitable for mobile measuring operations as well as for stationary measuring operations.
The ALMEMO® D6 plug measures the frequency signal of the rotating vane with high resolution.
1 measuring channel is preprogrammed (ex works): Flow velocity (m/s, v).