Digital temperature / humidity transmitter MH8D46

with double analog output V or mA
Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Digital sensor element
All key sensor characteristics, settings, and adjustment data are saved in the sensor element itself.
Plug-in sensor element
Spare elements are inexpensive; a replacement can be fitted on site quickly and easily by virtually anyone; it will be fully accurate straight away needing no special adjustment.
Digital transfer of measured values from the sensor element to the transmitter
Factory or DAkkS calibration is erformed on the sensor element alone. Fully accurate – irrespective of connecting cable and transmitter
Four climate variables can be measured: Double analog output for temperature and one humidity variable relative humidity / dewpoint / mixture ratio
Limit value relays available on request
The transmitters can be configured via the internal display and the keypad.
The analog output type (10 V or 20 mA) can be selected (via the keypad); the analog output range can be programmed.
Display of measured value, channel, units, humidity range, analog start, analog end, and analog type
The sensor tube can be connected either directly by plugging onto the transmitter itself or via a connecting cable.
Suitable for conduit mounting or wall mounting