Carbon dioxide sensors

Designs and specifications see data sheet

Technical data and functions

Digital carbon dioxide sensor
Digital CO2 sensor with integrated signal processor
All sensor characteristics and adjustment data are stored in the CO2 sensor itself.
The unique automatic calibration procedure (without fresh air intake) automatically compensates any natural ageing effects.
The sensor is very well protected against the effects of pollution by means of replaceable PTFE filter caps. Long-term stability is outstanding.
Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation is provided for pressure-dependent CO2 concentrations by means of a digital atmospheric pressure sensor integrated in the grip.
The relevant ambient parameter, atmospheric pressure, is measured using the same sensor.
Long-term measuring operations can be performed with an ALMEMO® data logger in sleep mode; this applies only to current device types with sleep delay (180 seconds).
2 primary measuring channels (real measurable variables) CO2 concentration and atmospheric pressure
Freely selectable measurable variables Two measuring channels are programmed (at our factory).
CO2 concentration, average value (ppm), Atmospheric pressure (mbar, AP, p).
Alternatively a further variable can be selected.
CO2 concentration, current value (ppm).

Carbon Dioxide Probe
Since the gas is supplied by means of free convection,
this is especially suitable for climatology measurements.
Various measuring ranges up to 25%.