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Széndioxid koncentráció mérő

Gyártó: Ahlborn

  • Digital CO2 sensor with integrated signal processor 
  • All sensor characteristics and adjustment data are stored in the CO2 sensor itself. 
  • The unique automatic calibration procedure (without fresh air intake) automatically compensates any natural ageing effects. 
  • The sensor is very well protected against the effects of pol-lution by means of replaceable PTFE filter caps. Long-term stability is outstanding.
  • Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation is provi-ded for pressure-dependent CO2 concentrations by means of a digital atmospheric pressure sensor integrated in the grip. 
  • The relevant ambient parameter, atmospheric pressure, is mea-sured using the same sensor. 
  • Long-term measuring operations can be performed with an ALMEMO® data logger in sleep mode; this applies only to 
  • current device types with sleep delay (180 seconds). 
  • 2 primary measuring channels (real measurable variables) CO2 concentration and atmospheric pressure 
  • Freely selectable measurable variables Two measuring chan-nels are programmed (at our factory). 
  • CO2 concentration, average value (ppm), Atmospheric pressu-re (mbar, AP, p).
  • Alternatively a further variable can be selected. 
  • CO2 concentration, current value (ppm) 
  • This device can be configured on a PC using USB adapter cable ZA 1919 AKUV. (see “General accessories for AL-MEMO® D6 sensors”)