Műszerek és szenzorok



Színhőmérséklet és fluxusmérő

Gyártó: Ahlborn

  • Color temperature and illuminance are determined as a means to plot and evaluate lighting systems. 
  • Compact sensor, particularly suitable for mobile applications 
  • Continuous measuring and updating of measured values 
  • Digital color temperature sensor with „TrueColorSensorchip“ and integrated signal processor 
  • The TrueColorSensorchip (3 sensors on 1 chip) detects – sepa-rately – each of the three colors – red, green, blue (RGB). The respective sensitivities of these 3 color sensors are adapted to the standard spectral curves as per CIE and DIN.   (see Figu-re) On the basis of these RGB values the computer calculates the color point within the RGB range in terms of coordinates X and Y and determines the correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin. 
  • The display shows simultaneously both this color data and the illuminance in lux (lx) or kilolux (klx). 
  • Freely selectable measurable variables 
  • Two measuring channels are programmed (at our factory). 
  • Color temperature (CCT, K), Illuminance (Ev, lx) 
  • Other measurable variable can also be selected. 
  • Illuminance (Ev, klx), X-value, Y-value 
  • This device can be configured on a PC using USB adapter cable ZA1919AKUV. (see “General accessories for AL-MEMO® D6 sensors”)