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Digital psychrometer

Gyártó: Ahlborn
new: A digital atmospheric pressure sensor integrated in the
D6 plug itself provides automatic pressure com-pensation for all pressure-dependent humidity variables.
• new: Humidity calculation on the basis of formulae as per Dr.
Sonntag and the enhancement factor as per W. Bögel (correc-tion factor fw(t,p) for real mixed gas systems)
This substantially widens the measuring range and improves
the accuracy of humidity variable calculations.
• new: Humidity variable Absolute humidity in g/m³
• High-precision NTC sensors for dry temperature and wet
• Temperatures are measured using a 24-bit A/D converter
incorporated in the ALMEMO®
D6 plug.
• The humidity variables are calculated from the three primary measuring channels (real measurable variables).
Dry temperature, wet temperature, atmospheric pressure
• Freely selectable measurable variables
Four measuring channels are programmed (at our factory).
dry temperature (°C, TT, t), wet temperature (°C, HT, tw),
relative humidity (%H, RH, Uw), atmospheric pressure
(mbar, AP, p)
• Other humidity variables can also be selected.
dewpoint (°C, DT, td), mixture (g/kg, MH, r), absolute
humidity (g/m³, AH, dv), vapor pressure (mbar, VP, e),
enthalpy (kJ/kg, En, h)
This device can be configured directly on a PC using USB
adapter cable ZA 1919 AKUV. (see chapter „Networking“)