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Digitális páratartalommérő

Gyártó: Ahlborn
Compact sensor made from stainless steel
• Screw thread, for pressure pipes
• Option – adapter for compressed air pipes
• Digital capacitive humidity sensor with integrated signal
• All sensor characteristics and adjustment data are saved in
the humidity sensor element itself. Humidity sensor element,
• Spare elements are inexpensive; a replacement can be fitted
on site quickly and easily by virtually anyone; it will be fully
accurate straight away needing no special adjustment.
• The humidity variables are calculated from the two primary measuring channels (real measurable variables). temperature,
relative humidity
• Three measuring channels are programmed.
temperature (°C, T, t), relative humidity (%H, RH, Uw),
dewpoint (°C, DT, td)
One further humidity variable can also be selected.
mixture (g/kg, MH, r), absolute humidity (g/m³, AH, dv),
vapor pressure (mbar, VP, e), enthalpy (kJ/kg, En, h)
The system pressure needed for automatic pressure compensa-tion of pressure-dependent humidity variables and the channel
configuration are entered directly on the PC using USB adap-ter cable ZA1919AKUV. (see page 04.05).