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Nagy pontosságú hőmérséklet, nyomás és páratartalom

Gyártó: Ahlborn
Digital capacitive humidity sensor with integrated si-gnal processor, designed to meet the highest accu-racy requirements in humidity measurement

• Unique correction and adjustment process

All sensor characteristics and adjustment data

are saved in the humidity sensor itself.

• new: A digital atmospheric pressure sensor integrated in

the ALMEMO® D6 plug itself provides automatic pressure

compensation for all pressure-dependent humidity variables.

• new: Humidity calculation on the basis of formulae as per

Dr. Sonntag and the enhancement factor as per W. Bögel

(correction factor fw(t,p) for real mixed gas systems)

This substantially widens the measuring range and im-proves the accuracy of humidity variable calculations.

• new: Humidity variable, Absolute humidity in g/m³

All relevant ambient parameters are mea-sured with just one sensor.

• The humidity variables are calculated from the three pri-mary measuring channels (real measurable variables).

temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure

• Freely selectable measurable variables

Four measuring channels are programmed (at our factory).

temperature (°C, T, t), relative humidity (%H, RH, Uw),

dewpoint (°C, DT, td), atmospheric pressure (mbar, AP, p)

Other humidity variables can also be selected.

mixture (g/kg, MH, r), absolute humidity (g/m³, AH, dv),

vapor pressure (mbar, VP, e), enthalpy (kJ/kg, En, h)

This device can be configured directly on a PC using USB

adapter cable ZA 1919 AKUV. (see chapter „Networking“).